2018 Season… What do we have untill now ?
2018 Season…   What do we have untill now ?


This year 2018, not having a good preseason, has meant some difficulty in the first event.

Despite this, and due to the help of family and friends, we have been able to obtain the necessary environment and goods, to train enough between races, and the good results have not been made wait.

Here there are no secrets, when you can train hard, you are more than prepared, and now is the time when we are at 1000 x 1000.

In the European Championship, with 4 races left, we are 4th in the General Classification, result that we will improve in the next events, sure and thanks to Raul Millan and the CNS.

In the Moto2 World Championship, we were able to participate on a Mistral, in 3 races this year, where we can say that we have received 3 great lessons, and where we learned that “get on this bike and gass”, the rest is seen on the progress 🙂         Thanks to Hervé Pocharal and Tech3.

Right now, our main objective is the second part of the European Championship of Moto2, where despite the descent from the World Championship of great riders with great teams, who put the most interesting thing, we have the greatest desire in the world to finish as best as possible and in the top positions.

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